Vietnam International Aviation Exhibition 2022
Vietnam International Aviation Exhibition

Vietnam International Aviation Exhibition 2022

Vietnam International Aviation Exhibition 2022 will be held to discuss the future of aviation industry after the pandemy.

An aviation exhibition will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam, on September 15 th -17 th .  This event is entitled as Vietnam International Aviation Exhibition 2022. Taking place at Hanoi National Convention Center, this event will be a place for sharing the industry development opportunities. This exhibition is for promoting technical services and trading between Vietnam Aviation industry and the other countries’.

After being delayed for about two years because of the pandemy, this exhibition will gather the business leaders, experts, airlines and manufacturers from Vietnam and foreign countries. The theme of this event will be ‘A Sustainable Growth for A Brighter Future.” Before, the first exhibition has already been held in 2019, attended by 50 foreign and domestic companies.
In this event, many business leaders will have a partnership and business expansion. Business leaders from Canada, US, Vietnam, European countries and the other countries will meet there for
this aim.

The head of the organizing board and the founder of the event, Luong Thi Xuan said that opportunities for cooperation in terms of business, aviation and tourism will be promoted in this
exhibition. This exhibition will display some advanced aviation equipment, modern aircraft and technology from some countries. There will also be a seminar discussing the aviation industry after the pandemy.

Operation of airports, flying demand stimulation, design of aviation equipment, next generation aircraft needs, aviation job demand for the next 20 years and the other topics will be discussed here in the seminar. Deputy Director of Vietnam Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Ho Chi Minh City, Nguyen Huu Nam said that the aviation industry all over the world is optimistic of their future prospect with 47 % forecast growth in 2022 as the restriction caused by pandemy is removed or eased.

As everyone, the pandemy had a terrible effect on all industries including the aviation industry. Because of this, the aviation industry needs to limit or restrict some aspects to keep the safety of the
passengers. Thus, it causes some changes in the aviation industry. The boarding procedure for passengers and the flying demand are two things that have mostly changed in this industry due to the pandemy. This event will hopefully be a place to gain and update information about the aviation industry including its resilience and its prospects. By the partnership, the relationship between the participating countries is expected to be closer and more solid.

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