Baru Gold Corp. to Continue the Ongoing Sangihe Gold Project
Sangihe Gold Project

Baru Gold Corp. to Continue the Ongoing Sangihe Gold Project

Baru Gold Corp. has completed the clearing of the land for the gold production site of the Sangihe gold project on the Sangihe Island of Indonesia.

Baru Gold Corp. delivers an update regarding the ongoing project of Sangihe. The update indicates that the company has managed to complete the land clearing of the site. Thus, it proceeds to initiate the earthworks in terms of the heap leach pad of the project. Since it was first discovered in 1986, it has been a long journey to reach its current state. Therefore, it is a breakthrough in the continuity of the Sangihe gold project of the Baru Gold Corp.

It is one of the fundamental aims of Baru Gold Corp. to discover and build a new gold producer in Indonesia. There are experienced professionals with international experience on board supplemented with the necessary skills in mineral exploration and the industry of mining. Therefore, the discovery and exploration of the Sangihe gold project is a pivotal matter for the company. So far, it goes well intending to reach the initial capacity of the heal operation set at 100.000 T.

The current update on the project is the closure of the principal production area cleaning. It includes the grubbing and rough grading for the upcoming plan. Pound berms construction is set to follow with the plan of compacting engineering specifications afterward. Leach pad liner and facility processing installation will be the next things that Baru Gold Corp needs to complete. Without any doubt, heap leaching is a crucial process that extracts precious metals from the mining area itself.

According to the President, Director, and CEO of Baru Gold Corp, it is a noticeable milestone for the company regarding the Sangihe gold project. Gold production is the definite goal of the project from the very beginning. Therefore, this current achievement brings the company closer to the final goal of the project. On the other hand, a reliable cash flow can be generated with smooth operations at the current state.

Concerning the mining area itself, Sangihe sits at the southern half of the Sangihe Island at the northern tip of Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. The working interest of the site is 70% held by Baru Gold
Corp, with the rest being held by Indonesian companies. The ongoing phase involves at least 60 laborers with 90% of them being the locals from Sangihe Island. Without a doubt, the number will
increase even higher when the next phase commences. It is happy news for both the company and the country of Indonesia. It provides a tremendous chance of pushing the idea of creating a new gold producer from the rich country of Indonesia.

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