A luggage is a form of storage that is normally used for travel. It is often a somewhat flat, rectangular-shaped bag with rounded square corners.
Supporting startups to large corporations.
Dedicated expertise according to industry.
Precision processing by an experienced team.
Procuring with us means peace of mind.
Free insurance for all purchase orders.


We are a professional general trading company based in the ASEAN region representing the right OBM, ODM and OEM manufacturers. Our firm works with the best manufacturers in terms of product quality versus price as a part of our procurement and supply chain strategy.

1. Quality
Made In ASEAN has been supplying for worldwide clients in the past years and has acquired a strong expertise in “Supply Chain”.
2. Consistency
It is fair to say that most ASEAN suppliers have very little experience directly with the final foreign consumers buying demands and expectations regarding product quality, performance and packaging to understand fully the impact when the product is not made and prepared to 100% of the Purchase Order specifications. Made In ASEAN allows you to secure your supply consistently without any problems as per your Purchase Order.
3. Accessibility
We will make you feel comfortable right from the start and give you peace of mind while doing business in a foreign ASEAN country. We can arrange and provide you with complete product and supply chain information for you to access the ASEAN markets.
4. Security
Made In ASEAN has been doing business in ASEAN under different brands and we know that are no short cuts to business success in ASEAN. Our team works within the laws of ASEAN and are transparent in our business intent and operations.
5. Trustworthy
International trade solutions that span continents and time zones is difficult even for the experienced, so finding a local company in an ASEAN country that you can trust and develop a long term business relationship is the key to success. If you cannot trust and respect your country supply partner, then there really is no point in developing a business relationship.

Made In ASEAN has a history in developing business relationships with some the largest companies doing business in ASEAN, along with work with smaller companies and start-ups. We have a successful track record and a large portfolio of clients of doing business with foreign companies in ASEAN, contact us!