, the Leading Education Tech Platform in the Philippines Secures Fresh Funding
Education Tech Platform in the Philippines, the Leading Education Tech Platform in the Philippines Secures Fresh Funding the Leading Education Tech Platform in the Philippines secured fresh funding with 3 investors involved for the improvement of its online platform services contributing to the nation’s education.

It is a fundamental matter for a startup to secure fresh funding just as it happens to the well-known Without a doubt, this education technology startup is the leading company in the Philippines. In a bridge funding round, the startup managed to raise an undisclosed amount for future projects to come. KSR Ventures, Lorinet Foundation, and Bisk Ventures have been involved in the fundraising for

Bisk Ventures is the newest investor for the startup at the moment. So far, the novel aim of is to empower over 20 million youth in the country within the Filipino Gen Z group. Within that aim is a crucial matter of building self-awareness in those youth concerning their education decisions. In the end, it helps them to fulfill careers and life in the future
with a very low chance of experiencing regrets due to the educational decisions made by the elders. opens up access to scholarships, internships, online courses, and learning resources. The startup was founded by Henry Motte-Munoz in 2015 that maintains its origin as an online
education platform in the Philippines. At first, it focuses on providing the necessary access for Filipino students to resources for university and senior high school learning. Scholarships, internships, and online courses follow afterward.

Amazon Web Services, Rex Publishing, Asian Development Bank, Unilever, Ateneo de Manila University, and UN Women are among the partners of The newly secured fund is about to be incorporated into doubling down the Edge Tutor program. It is an online K-12 tutoring service in Math and English for Filipino students from the age of 4 to 16. It is
the third offering from the startup after the college and career counseling service Finder and the training platform Advance for future skills. estimates that the education market in the country is at US$20 billion worth, at least. managed to triple its revenue after its series of A rounds in 2020. Its B2B division also managed to achieve a decent level of profitability. At the moment, the platform has 8 million students in its community. On the other hand, the registered users are reaching 1 million in no time.

The newly secured funding brings a high level of excitement even for the founder of More importantly, the effect of the online platform of starts to be visible in a broad environment of the Philippines. Therefore, it is fundamental for the startup to secure and bring the new bridge funding for the better of the youth in the country.

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