Amgen to Initiate a Boost in the Biotech Startups Environment of Southeast Asia
Biotech Startups Environment of Southeast Asia

Amgen to Initiate a Boost in the Biotech Startups Environment of Southeast Asia

The NSG Tomorrow Program is set to stimulate the biotech startups environment in Singapore and Southeast Asia with the sponsorship of Amgen as the prize.

It is official for Amgen to become the inaugural sponsor of the so-called NSG Tomorrow Program, which boosts the environment of biotech startups in the Southeast Asia region. It is necessary for
startups in the field of biotech to grow further. The necessity of breakthroughs in biotech has never been bigger following the global pandemic of Covid-19. Therefore, it is a significant step for Amgen to stimulate the biotech industry of startups, indeed.

Amgen is a leading biotech company that operates worldwide with its headquarters situated in Thousand Oaks, California, United States. Meanwhile, NSG is the leading and largest biotechnology
incubator lab in Singapore. They work together in providing a 3-year Golden Ticket sponsorship through the NSG Tomorrow Program. It aims to stimulate biotech startups in Southeast Asia to
innovate even further. Hopefully, they will manage to move forward to achieve their vision.

Through the secured partnership, Amgen will provide a Golden Ticket annually that lasts for three years. It leads the winner of the NSG Tomorrow Program to reside in the famous NSG Biolabs for a year. Of course, it comes with full access to the BSL-2 laboratory and many other leading facilities of NSG. It also comes with connections to the scientific and business leaders of Amgen. Without a doubt, it opens up a chance for many biotech startups and projects to thrive.

The program is available for pre-incorporated projects and companies in Singapore that conducted specialized research in the field of biotechnology. They can develop novel medicines as well as
therapeutics in the project or research. As long as the project and research are within the areas of interest of the program, they can apply to join the NSG Tomorrow Program. It is a tremendous chance for many biotech startups to bring their vision into reality in no time.

Regarding the areas of interest of the program, there are several options. They include transformational and novel therapies that deal with inflammatory, oncology, hepatic, and
cardiometabolic diseases. Furthermore, innovative research on biomanufacturing platforms in the biotechnology field is also included. In the end, the aim is to bring the discovery of the winner to be of use to the global citizen of the world.

There is an internal scientific committee from Amgen which will fairly select the winner of the Golden Ticket. It comes with an interactive pitch event with all of the participants. The R&D and Operation teams of Amgen are involved in the partnership with NSG for the program for the better future of the biotech industry in Singapore locally and in the Southeast Asia region generally.

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