ASEAN Shrimp Alliance 2022
ASEAN Shrimp Alliance 2022

ASEAN Shrimp Alliance 2022

ASEAN Shrimp Alliance 2022 was held to develop the shrimp cultivation as a part of recovery effort due to the pandemy.

The Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries of Indonesia was appointed as a host for the 12th Meeting of ASEAN Shrimp Alliance 2002. This event was held virtually on Monday, June 20 th , 2022. The aim for this meeting is for exchanging information about the development of global shrimp cultivation. Problems related to it such as cultivation technology, standardization, diseases, trade and other problems were discussed in the meeting.

TB Haeru Rahayu, the General Director of Fish Cultivation, said that this meeting is an important agenda to develop fish cultivation particularly for the shrimp. Fisheries sector is considered as the
potential sector to recover from the pandemic effect. As all people already know, the pandemy affects almost all aspect of life, including the fisheries field. Because of it, there were many change happened and make the prosperity of the society is decreasing.

The Ministry has set a plan for developing fish cultivation through the exported commodity and fish cultivation development. Shrimp, seaweed, crabs and lobster are some commodities that will be developed based on traditional society culture. This development is based on the balance between economy and ecology. The main goal of the development will be the prosperity of the society. The program is believed as an important collective work that will help to recover from the pandemic by creating new job vacancies, poverty reduction and food security. Thus, the prosperity of the society will be reached.

Chuanpid Chantarawarathit, the chief of ASEAN Shrimp Alliance said that the recognition of the global market for the ASEAN shrimp market is important as it becomes the main goal of the meeting. Through the ASEAN Shrimp Alliance action plan, Chuanpid stated that it has led to the acceleration of platform development which is needed to check the shrimp product needs of the countries who want to import. It is also a strategy for global economic recovery.

Chuanpid also said that several strategies are needed to obtain recognition from the global market. Strategies such as the monitoring of the current situation related to shrimp cultivation, production, trade, and non-tariff barriers are needed. Chuanpid appreciates and respects the full support of the ASEAN secretary who did a lot of coordination with the supporting institutions to contribute to ASEAN Shrimp Alliance projects. TB Haeru Rahayu also said that the success of this meeting will be the result of the hardwork and strong will of ASEAN spirit.

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