Agriculture Digitalization in 20th AFSIS Meeting
Agriculture Digitalization in 20th AFSIS Meeting

Agriculture Digitalization in 20th AFSIS Meeting

Agriculture Digitalization in 20th AFSIS Meeting is a program to ease the data collection and analysis to achieve food security.

The Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture hosted a meeting entitled 20 th Agriculture and Food Security Information System (AFSIS). This meeting was held on June 8 th -9 th 2022. AFSIS itself is a regional cooperation between 10 countries of ASEAN and also Japanese, China, and Korean Republic). The aim of the meeting is to strengthen the ASEAN food security through data collection, analysis and display.

This meeting was held in a hybrid format. Kasdi, the general secretary of AFSIS stated that AFSIS is strongly important in collaborative action, particularly in providing data and information with the dialog partner from some organization.

Kasdi said that we should pay more attention to the climate change issue and its effect on the food security, agriculture sector. The political tension in the Black Sea affects the agricultural sector as well. Thus, AFSIS can play an important role as it helps to collect information and data. It also helps to make decisions precisely.

Anna Astrid, the delegation chief from Indonesia explains the agriculture digitalization to achieve food security. She said that the use of information technology is adopted both for the on-farm or off-farm, and increasing the capability of the farmer and the assistant. It is for the coordination media between the stakeholder in doing monitoring the availability and distribution of agriculture product and agriculture data collecting.

Indonesia then set up a Food Estate program which is focused to develop smart farming. Now, Indonesia has developed the Internet of Things (IoT) on the on-farm activity. In monitoring the
cultivation condition, the Ministry of Agriculture developed an application system using remote sensing technology. To support the accessibility of food, the ministry works together with e-commerce and online transportation to ease the marketing and distribution of agricultural commodities.

This is also to fix the problem due to the covid pandemy in 2020. The digitalization in agriculture helps to strengthen the role of farming assistants and to introduce technology to them in product marketing. The ministry makes an application to decide the quality of agricultural product quality to support utilization on food security. This meeting was attended physically by the AFSIS secretary team, Kamboja, Japanese and Indonesian Team.

While the delegates who were coming online were the delegates from Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Laos, Philippine, Lao PDR, China, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Korea. Besides, there were delegates of Asean Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve (APTERR), Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan (RESTEC), Promotion and Information of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries (EPIS), Korea Agency of Education and SEA Research LLC.

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